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What a week in the news!

This is a different kind of post than my usual, but hopefully you will find some value in it.

First, I bring you my top medical news this week:

  1. Originally posted by Dr. Adare Robinson “My ortho husband (William) and his co-resident (Elvis Francois) sharing their God-given talents last weekend on call. Can’t tell you how many smiling patients crowded around. Proud of them for working hard and lifting spirits! Hope this makes you smile today!
    Original song “Alright” by Mike Yung.



2. FDA approves first direct-to-consumer test for breast cancer risk

STAT NEWS; Regarding 23andMe at home testing for breast cancer.

Unfortunately, so many problems here. First, it will lull patients who are told they don’t have the breast cancer mutation into a false sense of security since only 3 (out of 1000+BRCA1/2 mutations) are assessed. Second, even if they are shown to have one of the tested mutations, “The agency therefore warned that individuals and their physicians should not use the test results to make decisions about treatments, including prophylactic removal of the breasts or ovaries. That should be based on more extensive testing.” So, you can’t rely on it anyway and are insurance companies gong to cover expensive follow up testing and counseling because a patient’s take home genetic test told them it could be a possibility? Patients should be very wary of this type of take home testing.

3. A second baby has been born via uterine transplant in the US


Incredible scientific advancements but with caveats.”Uterus transplants are still experimental…Like other infertility treatments, it’s unclear if insurance companies will cover the procedure”

4. Thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may be damaged, hospital reveals Hundreds of families receiving ‘devastating’ news of equipment failure

Absolutely heartbreaking for the families involved.


FINALLY,  I didn’t want my reader to miss out if they had been contemplating the White Coat Investor (WCI) Online Financial Course for doctors but have not yet acted.

As I have mentioned previously, I am an affiliate partner to Dr. Dahle’s “White Coat Investor site”.

If you missed my original post, you can read more about the course (and what I thought about it) in the link on my review of the course: Why Physicians Make Big Financial Mistakes….and Should They be “Firing Their Financial Advisor”?

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  1. Just catching up on blogs and other misc email. I enjoyed reading your commentary on the issues of the day.

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