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Wednesday Wrap Up

Interesting articles abound in the health care community.  See the latest below:

Tele-Monitoring Can Reduce Medical Appointments for Low-Risk Pregnancies

Kaiser Health News


A program relying on tele-monitoring must have a robust patient education element (including teaching materials, literature, etc.) as well. The majority of prenatal visits are not about taking blood pressures but answering multiple questions, concerns, and reassuring first time parents. Without a proper relationship with a physician (or other health care provider), patients will be turning to the internet for answers where misinformation abounds. 

Is Dyeing Your Hair When You’re Pregnant Really That Bad? Doctors Weigh In.

Huffington Post


Sometimes even explaining to patients that I got my own hair colored when pregnant wasn’t enough to reassure. Ultimately, the risk to a pregnancy is extremely remote, if not nonexistent.  However, if you remain concerned just wait until after the first trimester for your own peace of mind.

2018’s Best & Worst States for Doctors

Wallet Hub


Maryland ranks #41.  How about your state?

Take the results with a grain of salt as this is a survey done by a personal finance website. It factors in salary, competition, highest malpractice award payouts, and malpractice liability insurance.  Spoiler alert: South Dakota ranks # 1 as best state to be a doctor in this survey.

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