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Is Cord Blood Banking for Your Newborn Baby a Scam?

A common question that comes up as parents get close to delivery time is, “Should I bank cord blood for my baby”? This technology has been marketed as a way to protect your child in the unfortunate event of cancer.  Parents are signing up and paying large fees to store umbilical cord blood in the… Continue reading Is Cord Blood Banking for Your Newborn Baby a Scam?

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Weekly Wrap Up: Top Interesting Articles

This week I was drawn to stories about sacrifice for the betterment of others, the power of oxytocin for infant bonding with men/adoptive parents/women alike, and the surprising truth about the storing and potential sale of DNA material from the "blood spot" heel prick test done on all newborns. Links to the articles and commentary… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up: Top Interesting Articles


Weekly Wrap Up

Interesting articles this week are linked below.  Highlights include a 132 pound tumor, a new (and basic) approach to helping the homeless, and an in utero first. 132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman CNN Apparently, this tumor had been growing at a rate of about 10 lbs per week since November.  It is unclear… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up


Wednesday Wrap Up

Interesting articles abound in the health care community.  See the latest below: Tele-Monitoring Can Reduce Medical Appointments for Low-Risk Pregnancies Kaiser Health News A program relying on tele-monitoring must have a robust patient education element (including teaching materials, literature, etc.) as well. The majority of prenatal visits are not about taking blood pressures but answering… Continue reading Wednesday Wrap Up