The FINANCES behind retiring from medicine at 37

I originally wrote this article as a guest blog for the site last month.  The physician author of this blog specifically requested I write on this topic as his site deals with financial independence and retiring early (FIRE).  I am now posting here since I have had requests from readers to share the financial decisions that allowed me... Continue Reading →


Here’s what Southwest Airlines Did When 3 Women Ran to Assist a Passenger Having a Seizure

  It was a sleepy Sunday morning in New Orleans airport.  After just attending my 20 year high school reunion in the “Big Easy” I was tired, wearing comfortable travel clothes, and scrolling through my Facebook feed at the gate as we were just about to begin boarding.  However, a man yelled out “someone help”... Continue Reading →

The 20 Minute Infertility Patient

  You arrive early to the office and start reviewing the schedule for the day.  There it is…4 infertility consults scattered in the schedule amongst annual exams, postoperative follow ups, new obstetric patients, and “problem” visits. You know that infertility consults take much longer than the 20 minutes allotted for the appointment time. For a... Continue Reading →

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