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Under the Sterile Drape

I could hear the scream from across the room.  It was shrill and filled with panic.  Any parent can identify the difference between the cries of normal toddler discomforts and a true emergency.  I dropped what I was doing in the kitchen and found my 3 year- old lying motionless on the ground, unable to… Continue reading Under the Sterile Drape

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Holding the Knife for the First Time

As an intern in ob-gyn, one of the things you look forward to the most is getting to be the surgeon while an attending is your assistant for a cesarean delivery.  In some residency programs this doesn’t happen until your second year of training. Most of the time you are honing skills on uneventful vaginal… Continue reading Holding the Knife for the First Time

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Choosing OB/GYN as a Specialty

As a medical student, I had already known I would pursue a specialty in OB/GYN prior to the new student orientation.  However, many physicians and mentors recommended I keep my options open when going through clinical rotations in other fields. Neurology and radiology were surprisingly interesting to me.  However, the variety that comes from the… Continue reading Choosing OB/GYN as a Specialty